Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Seawhores - Forest

Label: Essay
Year: 2006

This just came out on vinyl from Tizona Records and can be ordered here, which you should do. Order it there.
If you are new to Seawhores, and I can't blame you, they're not exactly burning up the singles charts, then you might find them in your local record store filed under the heading "Weird". Good weird, of course, but weird nonetheless. Lots of strange elements stitched together to make what could ostensibly be called noise rock, but it's far less aggressive (but not, "not" aggressive mind you) and much more...well, weird. Sort of like a Love 666 take on noise rock, you know?
You got a core membership of three guys who anchor the band, then they call in collaborators from all over the place to layer on all types of good times. Contributors to Seawhores have been or are members of: Lightning Bolt, Melvins, Men Of Porn, Cows, Vaz, Hammerhead, and on and on. Hell, maybe you have sat in on one of their sessions, they have over 15 albums, it's pretty good odds that you have.


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