Tuesday, March 27, 2012

into another - poison fingers ep

released 1995

formed by the drummer of new yawk hardcore band bold (drew thomas)...he brought in the vocalist of another new yawk hardcore band underdog (later guitarist for youth of today) richie birkenhead...tony bono (bass player for the new jersey thrash band whiplash)...and a guitar player named peter moses (who had never played in a band before)

not really sounding anything like their other bands...they had more in common with the sounds that bands such as quicksand and orange 9mm were putting out...tight,and dare i say,a little groovy

they were together for only a short time...only putting out 3 albums and a handful of eps during their 5 year existence

bass player tony bono passed away back in may 2002

but...with all of that being said...the band is reforming and playing one of the revelation records 25th anniversary shows on 6.7.12 at the glasshouse in pomona,ca

"buuuuut...didn't you just say that their bass player died back in 2002?

i did...and there are all kinds of rumors going around about who may be taking his place...everyone from the bassist for the band the dillinger escape plan to the bassist of the band iceburn to tony bono's brother

also of note...guitar player pete moses may or may not be involved

and with all of that being said...let's just sit back and listen to the band when they were a cohesive unit

DL: poison fingers ep

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Andrew said...

Your post is one of the few places I've seen mention of the reunion show in Pomona. If you're interested, I'm trying to fund a short documentary about Into Another, with that show as the impetus for reflection. I'd love your help in spreading the word.

Learn more here:

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