Thursday, March 8, 2012

unsane - 8.27.10 - grumpy's - minneapolis,mn

some of you may remember the AMREP 25th ANNIVERSARY BASH that took place back in 2010

and if you do...i don't think you did it right

some of you may have relived that experience via the god bullies set that was posted the other day

this was a little something that went on the night before

unsane playing their SCATTERED,SMOTHERED & COVERED album live in it's entirety

and right about now...some of you may be going "oh man! that's right! i was totally there! that's how i got those bruises! oh god! my parents! i have to call the police!'s been 2 years...they've probably made friends in there by now...and who am i to take them away from that? besides...i like sleeping in their's comfortable...and there's a tv in there"

also...some of you may be saying "didn't they play "against the grain"?

they did...but the quality of the song was crappy...and it took away from the rest of the i took it're welcome

1 - scrape
2 - alleged
3 - blame me
4 - out
5 - can't see
6 - blew
7 - empty cartridge
8 - no loss
9 - test my faith
10 - ruin
11 - swim
12 - over me
13 - sick
14 - get off my back

DL: unsane @grumpy's

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