Thursday, March 8, 2012

stiff woodies - 1986 - kaos radio session - olympia,wa

this was a short lived band that involved the likes of buzz osbourne (melvins vocalist/guitarist)...a pre-nirvana krist novoselic (bassist)...and kurt flansburg (radio dj/guitarist for various bands)...and is rumored to have also involved kurt cobain (come on now...)...dale crover (melvins drummer)...mike dillard (melvins first drummer)...and matt lukin (original melvins bassist/one time mudhoney bassist)

this is their only recorded materials
they played all of one show

1 - sin city (ac/dc cover:kurt flansburg on vocals)
2 - breakdance boogie (krist novoselic vocals)
3 - loose (buzz osbourne vocals)
4 - c'mon and love me (kiss cover: buzz osbourne vocals)

DL: stiff woodies

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