Saturday, March 10, 2012

french toast - in a cave

released 2005

this is a band made up of jerry busher (fugazi's the other guy playing the drums onstage with fugazi) and james canty (brother of fugazi's brendan...he was also a member of the bands the make-up and the nation of ulysses)

jerry plays the bass and the drums and the keyboards and provides vocals

james plays the guitar and the keyboards and the drums and provides vocals as well

they blend in with the latterday dischord bands (ie: black eyes...q and not u...medications)

and if you're a fan of bands like les savy fav or your enemies friends or decahedron and the like...this would go along nicely with all that

also...the band's name and album title are a witty little play on words...i mean...who wouldn't want to do that?

honestly...i had forgotten that i'd had this on my computer...i had originally gotten it for the song "off center"...and gave it a few listens...and then it was buried

but you shouldn't let that dissuade you from giving this a try...i've actually been listening to it a lot as of late

and you should too

i do want to be like me...if even just a little,yeah?

DL: in a cave

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