Tuesday, March 27, 2012

quicksand - 9.9.93 - hilton ballroom - burbank,ca

as followers of this blog...i'm thinking that i don't really need to get all into who this band is/was

and i'd like to think that most of you agree that their album SLIP is one of the best things ever made to go into your earholes

this is a recording of a set they played as part of a convention for the music business types called the foundations forum

1 - intro
2 - omission
3 - how soon is now?*
4 - head to wall
5 - clean slate
6 - dine alone
7 - fazer
8 - lie and wait
9 - freezing process
10 - unfulfilled
11 - baphomet**

*=the smiths cover
**=done with lyrics (from "good girls don't" by the knack..as well as others i'm not really sure of)

DL: quicksand @hilton ballroom

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ian said...

No comments?! Dang! Quicksand was a fucking awesome band! Thanks a million for posting this! Very much appreciated!!!

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