Sunday, April 23, 2017

Victory Hands -Bernstein 7"

Label: Headphone Treats
Year: 2017

It's been almost a year to the day that we posted the first record by this Nixon-centric Atlanta trio (which you can find here), and they are still charting the same bizarre course of releasing a record in tribute to each journalist who was considered an enemy of the Nixon administration (boy how things have changed...), and using only Nixon's own text as lyrical content. And thank god Victory Hands have taken on this challenge.
This time around they craft four uneasy math rock odes to Carl Bernstein and his exposes on abuse of power during the Watergate scandal which would eventually unseat Nixon and draw into focus the underbelly of the modern political machine (or maybe not so modern). Also, points for the first "Checkers" reference of the series!
Musically, they fall into the tense, roiling Arcwelder/Tar/Raymond Brake family of noisy math rock. Each song has something more to grab onto, a catchy melody buried in there. A hook. Victory Hands have been doing this a long time in various bands in and around Atlanta (and in some of the best bands to ever lurk in and around Atlanta if we're being honest), so they are very familiar with how this music works, and it shows. Full economy of movement, and precision to craft are their hallmarks. No wasted space.
You really do need the physical version of this record to get the whole picture. As with the previous 'Anderson' 10", the amount of detail and energy they have put into the packaging is beyond commendable. You'll need to see for yourself to get the full immersive experience.
Hail Victory Hands!


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