Monday, April 24, 2017

Them Teeth / Sofy Major - split 7"

Label: Corpse Flower
Year: 2016

Volume one in a four part split 7" series by the quietly incredible Corpse Flower label (volume two came out this year with Gizzlor and Godstopper). Well, not "quietly" in the sense of decibels, but more "quietly" in the sense that their promotional machine seems to be running on two cycle lawnmower fuel. But believe me, their arsenal is deep well honed and poised for maximum damage.They put out a Playing Enemy record, they put out the Celan record...they aren't to be trifled with, let's be clear.
To bear, check out these two songs. Two big, grossly loud and over driven songs of ill repute. Two songs that haven't washed their hands or called their mothers in years. I mean, Sofy Major's contribution is called "Bed Intruder". Say it out loud, "Bed Intruder". Gross, dudes. And Them Teeth, good heavens, Them Teeth appear to have no manners whatsoever. It's terrible to think how they must treat their own bodies. Shameful even.
Only 300 physical copies. so good luck.


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