Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Blonde Redhead - Fake Can Be Just As Good

Label: Touch and Go
Year: 1997

Opening track on this album 'Kazuality' is near perfect in it's noise washed motorik pulse.
And from there it stays pretty great through the remainder of the record. I mean, great if you're into Sonic Youth and Unwound and stuff like that. are, right?
Oh, and speaking of Unwound, Vern Rumsey plays bass on this one, which is added "fun fact" factor.

Their next album got less noisy and rocky, and more dreamy and moody. And every album since has gotten more dreamy and less rocky, which depending on your disposition (private parts) is either very appealing or very yawn-inducing.

Super recommended. Maybe you AND your lady friend can enjoy this one together (paired with a full bodied chianti and a bowl of olives...that you feed to each other...allowing the juices to drip across your naked bodies...oiling your skin as your limbs become intertwined...heaving...breathing quickens...your now glistening forms melting together as her warm mound beckons you to slowly enter her...)



sumyum said...

this record is so effing good! glad to get a dl cause my copy is just about worn out. wish they would of just stopped after this record because no point in going on after making this, cause no way were they going to come close to perfection again...

Anonymous said...

Labradford works better for beckoning entry. I landed a wife that way. But this is easily the best Blonde Redhead – it's the gateway drug for them.

Anonymous said...


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