Sunday, November 22, 2009


Released 1991

Hmm, now lets see. A complete noise dirge from start to finish maybe the best way to describe this. Though the LP still manages to retain some element of rock rather than the white noise more associated with the likes of Merzbow & the ilk. Alternatively maybe the band themselves have a better description "A cracking mess of psycho-noise, spasmocore fever and bleak metallic churn".

Originally released on Disastro-Mix record label & distributed by Noiseville records. Only released on vinyl as far as I know and still the odd copy floating about. Most tracks blend into one another. I have a couple of singles too so I'll upload those in the fullness of time.

Split & re-upped (2009-11-29) due to a few reported issues

DL: Side 1
DL: Side 2


Mr. Amsterdamned said...

thanks: the a-side sounds intriguing enough to want tro listen to the b-side, but it won't extract (the b-side, I mean).

Anonymous said...

I have some unofficial CDR compiling all the material and some rare songs&demos,a friend of Noiseville sent me it from the US,some time ago,nice band.

zokuchou said...

Mr. Amsterdamned - you using winrar to extract? I used version 3.61 to encode (default settings).

Anonymous - Is Unholy Swill on that comp?

Mr. Amsterdamned said...

Yup...winrar 3.90. Both winrar and powerarchiver say the file is corrupt. Weirdness galore!

zokuchou said...

Seems that mediafire didn't even like my original MP3 file. So I've added some geekiness to the file and finally side b is available here:

sibokku said...

Wow, there are other people that like this record?
I only just 'digitised' my vinyl copy last weekend there but I did DL'd your side A as it's better than mine and the Dead End Destiny RAR.

Many thanks for posting these tracks, I never managed to find anything else by them so thanks for the rar.

Mongman said...

Any chance of a re-upload, & any chance of the singles? Well you can but ask... Cheers!!

Mongman said...

Me again - nag, nag, nag...
Pretty please? X

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