Tuesday, November 24, 2009

young widows - 7" split series

well SGM...i'm back from my business trip...but sadly i didn't bring you back anything...the prescription they gave me at the free clinic saw to that...but there's always next time,sport

but what i will give you are a few split 7" the band young widows released this year

actually...i'm posting this in celebration of myself going to see them this evening...and from what i've heard...they're pretty kick ass live...and seeing as how i'm probably never going to get to see the jesus lizard live...this will probably be as close as i'm gonna get

so if anyone of you are there...i'll be the one screaming "play then comes dudley!"...and feel free to come up and drunkenly hit on my girlfriend when i'm not paying attention

DL: series 1: bonnie "prince" billy
DL: series 2: melt banana
DL: series 3: pelican
DL: series 4: my disco


refusenik said...

just saw these guys in SF and i have to say, pretty incredible. also one of the loudest shows i've seen in years.

Unknown said...

I was also at the SF show and second the "loudest show in years" comment ... the guitars were a blur of white noise and you almost couldn't even hear the drums at times. Yes, it was THAT LOUD.


P.S.: Ironic drum-themed captcha for this post: "Ringo"

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