Sunday, June 15, 2008

scul hazzards - let them sink

released this year (2008)

this threesome from brisbane,australia do their best unsane/shellac impersonation


Θ. said...

Really nice. The description is exactly that shit.

Anonymous said...

I really appreciate this kind of blog, but I think it's important to have the more possible informations about a record before share it...
So, this record is available in LP format from Rejuvenation records (France), 10 euros hand in hand, contact us for the postage.
This record will kicks your ass.
Unsane, Shellac, yes, why not, but I prefer think to Jesus Lizard, Unwound & Rapeman.

shaun/tenzenmen said...

this recording is now also available via itunes and various other download services. downloading from itunes will help the band collect some $$ so they can keep producing this great music.

Unknown said...

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