Friday, September 2, 2022

Alabaster Suns - Alabaster Suns

Label: Iron Pig
Year: 2009

Previously mentioned in the Capricorns post below here you have a five song , the only five songs from this band that I know of, noise rock/post hardcore/semi-metal powerhouse.
In this band you can really hear the influence of Kevin Williams' old band Fabric shining through with the disjointed staggering rhythms, and the post hardcore heft. In this band, they have added more volume and thickness to the sound which becomes the link between this project and Capricorns (which this band emerged from). You will also note that while Capricorns are roughly 60% instrumental, Alabaster Suns are about 45% so. There are vocals in every song, just not lots of them. Which is fine. It works.
So, if you fancy your noise rock loud and with a dose of metallic swing (a la American Heritage), then I recommend going with this guy(s) here.

*originally posted 09.23.15, reposted 09.02.22

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