Tuesday, August 30, 2022

1.6 Band - Tongue Family Style

Label: Sunspot
Year: 1992

New York by birth, but D.C. in their minds? 1.6 Band took some of the scrappy ABC No Rio version of their hometown hardcore, but ran it through a deep love affair with the mid-to-late-80's Dischord Records discography. Comes across as a vibrant, punchy take on post hardcore, which, let's be honest with each other, is the kind of take you want taken if it's for the taking.
Kevin Egan from Beyond, and later of The Last Crime sings.
Vin Novara, later of Crown Hate Ruin, Alarms & Controls, and Crayon plays drums.
Lance Jaeger, also of Beyond plays bass.
Mike Yanicelli, briefly of Die 116 plays guitar.
Wharton Tiers who recorded most everybody recorded this.

It's good.

*originally posted 02.12.18, reposted 08.30.22

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