Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Today Is The Day - Supernova

Label: Amphetmine Reptile
Year: 1992

Is there a more laser focused, single-minded practitioner of self-loathing-cum-cathartic-noise-rock than Steve Austin?
(trick question: the answer is "no")
Is there a band more combative and abrasive as Today Is The Day...that you actually love to listen to?
(trick question again: the answer is "no")
Is there a more distinctive aura of general "creepy bad trip" exuded by any other band the way Today Is The Day do it?
(no shit it's a trick question: the answer is "no")
Is there a trail of better rhtyhm sections ever left across this land than those who cycled through Today Is The Day?
(surprise, another tricky question: the answer is "no")

Look, we (me) have made the arguement many times on this very ridicuous blog that Today Is The Day is the band who took noise rock's stilted time signatures and low end rumble out of the sarcastic college town bars and gave it a shot of metallic skree and then self immolated the whole thing on a pyre of paranoia, doubt, and walleyed hatred. It wasn't "funny" anymore. All the dudes with MC5 tshirts on at the show got a quick dose of blast furnace guitar scrapings and bile-flecked spittle as the tightest goddamn musical unit in the free world went about grinding them into the gears of the Today Is The Day Fuck You Machine. Wipe the smile off your face. Liberation through nihilism. Today very well is the day.


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julius orange said...

agree with all that shot you said. also the new documentary on Austin looks sick and is long overdue.

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