Monday, August 20, 2018

Blacklisters - BLKLSTRS

Label: Brew
Year: 2012

If the demise of Hawks left a Jesus Lizard shaped hole in your heart, then maybe Blacklisters can help pull you back together again? And let's not quibble about how this record came out five years before Hawks pulled their own plug, or chronologies in general. Y'all motherfuckers know I cannot bothered by such constructs like "journalistic accuracy", or "telling the truth", or whatever square shit you seem to expect from a free blog helmed by an overweight old man. Can't abide.
The point was, just as Hawks gave the noise rock genre of kick in the proverbial pants by chewing up and spitting out the rulebook, Blacklisters follow a similar gameplan; synthesize twenty years of skuzz damage into a vitriolic maelstrom of familiar-yet-exhilirating full frontal attack.
Seems easy enough. But then...why didn't you do it? Or me? (why didn't you "do" me, is what I mean).
This is the band's first full length, and I'm here to report that it is essential listening from this point until the point at which you listen to their second full length. Or one of the eps or splits they've done. You choose.
I'll be over here trying to come to grips with numerical order and shit.


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Anonymous said...

why do you seem to be the only person on the internet who talks about hawks?

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