Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Oneida - Secret Wars

Label: Jagjaguwar
Year: 2003

Do you have bands that you really love, but you somehow forget about them for long stretches of time, and then, when you are reacquainted, you're all "got dayum, why come I no remember to love these?!"?
Rhetorical question, because I'm really only concerned with myself. And I do. Oneida is one of those bands.
They are uniquely focused as a band on a propulsive version of psych rock groove, that makes their musically distinctly "theirs". With very few exceptions, from the first ten seconds of one of their songs, (if you are previously familiar...or biblically familiar with the band), you'll be nodding your head and thinking, "dang dude...that Oneida. I should really stop forgetting about this shit". The hammering rhythmic repetition crawls inside your brain-holes to lay eggs of twitchy drone damage (the incubation period on those eggs is roughly four minutes, but whatever larvae hatch seem harmless and pass out of your body [assuming via the butthole, but I assume pretty much everything {babies} emerge from "down under"] with no ill effect. Just some head bobbing.

Looking forward to "rediscovering" Oneida again in a year or so.


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Christopher Blosser said...

Holy shit I was just thinking about this band today and how good they were and how long it's been since I heard them.

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