Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Hot Wives - Eat Your Enemies

Label: Blood Drunk
Year: 2016

Looking for affirmation: do I like this?
I think I do. It seems like I've been enjoying it now for the last little while.
Kind of reminds me of another Atlanta band (Hot Wives are from Atlanta, sorry if I didn't mention that earlier) The Tom Collins in that they take a noise rock/grunge template, but then run it through some straight rock-n-roll swagger (but less Led Zeppelin worship). Sort of like something that might have come out of New York City in the independent music feeding frenzy of 1993; a Surgery with bits of Barkmarket and bits of Action Swingers, and an FM radio in the background playing Billy Squire. I mean, Mudhoney gets away with going straight up rock sleaze sometimes, why can't Hot Wives?

Pretty sure that the more I listen, the more I really like it. But you listen, and you tell me if it's good.


1 comment:

Pete in Portland said...

This is good.
Real good.
It's shambling, shuffling, and rocking the FUCK OUT.
Thank you for pointing to this, bought immediately, made my Sunday.

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