Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Karp - Suplex

Label: K
Year: 1995

This was posted years ago on this blog and subsequently disappeared slightly less years ago from this blog.
So here it is again. In all it's glory. A classic of Melvins worship that equals and/or surpasses Melvins at times in their sludgy thud damage (with a side of wink and nod). Not that they were a one trick pony, but to ignore the similarities would be disingenuous. Their Pacific Northwest DNA was inevitable, but they also got weird the same way some of their friends on the Wantage USA label did (Early Humans, Last Of The Juanitas, Vaz), with ample doses of warped noise rock pulse and dirt rock skuzz. It's a near perfect marriage of all the good things about terrible music. Loud and relentless and strange and fun.
I love this record so much, that if it were legal, I would make her mine in a Biblical sense (by having sexual intercourse with it).


1 comment:

julius orange said...

yesssssss. one of the greatest albums ever from one of the greatest bands ever

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