Sunday, July 16, 2017

Fugazi - Live - Washington DC - 08.26.99

Label: bootleg
Year: 1999

An abbreviated (due to meteorological constraints) hometown Fort Reno set, showcasing Fugazi as they continued their transition into what would be their final studio album, arguably away from the post hardcore groove of the first couple of albums, or the frenzied feedback workouts of the mid-period albums, and into a graceful maturation. Not to imply there was ever any immaturity to the band at any juncture of their creative arc.
I, as a fan, was admittedly losing some interest in Fugazi by this point, and seeing them less and less live when they would come through town. But, listening back, that was a real mistake on my part, as the later material strikes just as deep and carries the same intense weight as anything off the first 12", maybe I just wasn't in the right place to hear it then.

Best band of the 1990's? Probably, right?


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