Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Tad - 8-Way Santa

Label: Sub Pop
Year: 1991

You have this album already. Probably. Or at least, in my brain, that is the case. But sometimes my brain forgets that some people were just getting around to getting born in 1991, and so records like this one are just kinda..."oldies" and shit. And with everything wonderful happening now in the world, those people ("youngsters", let's say) would be excused for not having had the time to go back in time and waste away their time on every dusty old record that "old people" ramble on about.
I get it.
I am talking directly to you, "youngsters", and hoping that you can make some time in your busy day to take in the lumbering, ogre-grunge thud rock that Tad trafficked in (with all due respect to King Snake Roost, who was also dealing in this same caveman stomp a couple years prior, but...that was in Australia, and that's somewhere that's not in America, so...). I think that you will really enjoy it. A lot of people up to this point in history have, and those people can't all be wrong, right?



Harken Back said...

The Great great great album of that era with Awesome cover art, wish I had the original. Tad were untouchable.

dgen said...

Great album, close second to Gods Balls

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