Sunday, March 5, 2017

Dead Meadow - Got Live If You Want It

Label: Bomp / The Committee To Keep Music Evil
Year: 2002

Where I am in the world right now, today, both geographically you say...cosmically, I'm really in just the right spot for Dead Meadow. The weather is warm and sunny, and there's a breeze blowing across my front porch (for once, not a euphemism) as I relax with my feet up. Kids are out of the house doing...who cares. Got my errands and exercise out of the way already. Found a previously unaccounted for box of Thin Mint Girl Scout cookies in the freezer, and I've got the laid back psychedelic stoner haze of Dead Meadow washing over my earholes.

Sunday afternoon, on the cusp of Spring in Atlanta, Georgia. Dead Meadow. Feeling about right.

Can I teach my dog to fetch a Tecate?


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