Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Hell Mach Four - Time Elapse Of Human Transformation And Sound Transition

Label: Moodswing
Year: 1996

Haven't posted any Richmond, Virginia post hardcore noisiness lately, and that's pretty dumb, and I thought we prided ourselves on not being dumb. Right?
Added bonus; this record (sometimes referred to as simply the "self titled ep") was released by our buddies here in Atlanta, Moodswing Records.
This four piece (hence the Four portion of their moniker) channeled that abrasive racket Richmond was honing to finely pointed blade round about that time. The bands like Hose.Got.Cable. who were riffing off the more antagonistic D.C. bands (Circus Lupus) and pulling in ghosts of Richmond's past musical hardcore scene (Breadwinner) to craft an angular, arty, attacking brand of bombast. We were big fans then and now.
Hell Mach Four relocated to Atlanta but crapped out after a split 7" with Stinking Lizavetta and an lp (both good records to track down). Come to think of it, there's a little bit of Atlanta band Freemasonry echoing around in Hell Mach Four...which I hadn't thought of before. Huh. You learn something new everyday. See, I told you we aren't dumb!


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Anonymous said...

geez everyone seemed to not be able to shut up about this fucking band in atlanta around that time. never did get around to seeing them or hearing them. i don't think they were down with our true core neck armor though. maybe i should finally listen. love-phil.

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