Friday, August 28, 2015

Glazed Baby - The Big Smoonya 7"

Label: Sweet Fetus
Year: 1991

First, to address the elephant in the room (no, not me...fucking fat jokes), the name Sweet Fetus is just about top of the list for a record label. Hell, it's on my top ten baby names, it's just that good.

Second, this is the debut release from the somehow overlooked and rarely cited Massachusetts behemoth, Glazed Baby. A band who produced one of the bigger, nastier, uglier strains of noise rock ever. Sonically, they fit right in with what was going on in and around Boston at the time, La Gritona, Luca Brasi, Slughog, Bull Roarer...that type of overbearing, lurching, destructo-rock.
Glazed Baby got heavier over time, this record isn't as thick as they would become, but it shows their hardcore and noise rock influences as well as a healthy appreciation for straight up rocknroll music. Which, if I can be frank here, is the bedrock (pun not really intended, but not avoided either) to most shit worth a shit (music or otherwise), and you can tell that Glazed Baby have a few Black Oak Arkansas records filed away with their Black Flag and Rapeman. We all should.

P.S. - today is my birthday and I have no lunch plans as of this entry, so...come buy me lunch. Thanks in advance.



Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!!!

julius orange said...

i booked these guys to play at my college a long time ago. they were some of the coolest motherfuckers ever. also on that bill i booked another underrated and little known band called Shiv which i believe were from Connecticut. Check them out if you can find their album. they sound like a slightly sloppier Bleach era Nirvana.

Anonymous said...

check out

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