Monday, October 14, 2013

Whores + Hawks + Liverhearts - Saturday October 19th - The Basement, ATL

Seems like a no-brainer, right? Three of the best in the business all in one place on one night should have you making travel accommodations, or at least scrounging around for gas money under the couch cushions (assuming you're not homeless...but you're reading this on the internet aren't you, which would lead me to believe that if you are homeless, either your priorities are fucked, or you're currently taking part in a break-in.)
The Liverhearts - I defy you to listen to "Of Doctors and Daggers" today and not have it stuck in your head for at least 4 hours afterwards.
Hawks - Claustrophobia inducing bad vibes merchants. Total immersion therapy as prescribed by Dr. Jack Kevorkian.
Whores - Deceptively simple in their ruthless barbarism. 100% efficiency in their hammer swinging attacks.

Not to be missed under any circumstances.


Anonymous said...

How does their mother explain Whores to tennis partners, then?

Anonymous said...

i was there. amazing show. loved the fight during Whores!

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