Thursday, October 10, 2013

Aloha - Cuntz

Label: Homeless
Year: 2013

Even by Australian standards, it's got to be tough to tell your parents that you're in a band called Cuntz. They'll never come and see you play, and can you even imagine the conversation at the racquet club:
Tennis partner: "So, Millicent, is your son still playing music?"
Cuntz mother: "Still playing music, yep. He and his friends have a little band, and they've even managed to tour the United States this year!"
Tp: "What's the name of his band again?"
Cm: "...mumble..."
Tp: "What's that?"
Cm: "...errrrrpmh..."
Tp: "I can't understand what you're saying, what is it?"
Cm: "Oh, you know, it's really not important. Hey, your backhand is really coming around today, you had me running all over the court..."
Tp: "Cut the shit Millicent....what's your fucking son's band called?"
Cm: "Cuntz....ok?! They're called Cuntz! And that's that, no matter how many times I've begged him to change it, it's still Cuntz. Are you happy? Are you happy that my precious angel is driving around the world under the moniker Cuntz? Are you FINALLY better than me?!"
Tp: "....So, yeah, you want to be in a mixed doubles tournament next should"

Mothers don't understand Flipper x The Jesus Lizard, they just don't get it.



Anonymous said...

ah cunt's a much lighter term there, ya poof

Nacho said...

just a jesus lizard copy. jesus lizard is the best rock band of the 90´s. this is a copy of the best rock band of the 90´s. not much to say that just a fucking copy

Anonymous said...

It still is derogatory, bloke.

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