Monday, August 1, 2011

Wildildlife - Pea's Feast

Label: Chicas de Hoy
Year: 2007

I've been on vacation, and otherwise traveling for work the past week or so, accounting for the shameful lack of posts here. My apologies to our faithful 15...maybe 17 readers.

As far as "new" bands who consistently bring the thunder, and bring that thunder alongside a delivery of weirdness, there aren't many that can compete with Wildildlife. They are never predictable, but also never irritating, even when they jar your senses by interjecting a noisy sax skronk in the middle of an otherwise healthy post-something sludgy groove. It works. They can go from Harvey Milk (whom they did a split with) to Helios Creed to Bailter Space to Butthole Surfers and back all in the course of one song, and somehow the ride makes total sense. Shouldn't, but it does.

This was released as a CD-R by the band after recording it themselves in their practice space, and later Crucial Blast packaged it up with some demo material, and you can still get that version from the label. You actually should get that version at some point, it's highly recommended.



Anonymous said...

Glad you're back.

Frankieteardrop said...

Just wanted to out myself as one of the "faithful 15"... In fact, it shall be a new moniker I live by... It's like being a Jehovah's Witness .. but noisier...

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