Sunday, July 24, 2011

All Hail Archers Of Loaf

Got off my ass last night to leave the house, which is an increasing rarity, but when Archers Of Loaf coming calling, I must heed the call. And they were as good as they ever were in their heyday, the band was killing it, Eric Bachman's vocals sounded great, and the crowd, while fucking nerdy as shit, was less balding and paunchy than I expected.
The Holy Trinity of North Carolina Rock is intact! Archers Of Loaf - Corrosion Of Conformity - Buzzoven


the carp said...

One of the greatest live sets I have ever seen, in the last 20 odd years of concerts and shows was seeing the Archers open up for Weezer in Minneapolis at First Ave. Archers had just issued Vee Vee and they gods on that stage. From brilliant stage banter involving asking members of the audience if they could crash at their place as they had missed their check in at the hotel to a careening setlist and a bassplayer singing/screaming backups ten feet from the mic

Bronson said...

agreed. easily one of the best shows i ever mixed was AoL at gabe's. not sure what year, but it was the first weekend of the school year so it was packed in there and they were killin' it. super cool guys too.
i cant find the actual date of that show, but anther time they played here is all up on the youtubes.
more detail:
they teamed up with another band on that tour so they could afford a tour bus with a driver, and unfortunately for me, their own sound guy :-/

Gray said...

Do you have any recordings from your time as a soundman at Gabes?

Bronson said...

i used to have a bunch. the best thing i ever did was a Thrones set when he was here the second time. he was doing a cover of "the trees" by rush at the time. it was fantastic. gone....

i do still have a Vaz set thats pretty rad. let me see if i can dig it up.

Anonymous said...

That Blade Runner clip was really greadt! Thangks a lot!

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