Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Drunks With Guns - Second Verses

Label: Intellectual Convulsion
Year: 1990

This compilation of rare and previously unreleased music from Drunks With Guns features tracks from the o.g. lineup, and the final incarnation, so it's half, fucked hardcore damage, the other half fucked noise rock damage. Take your pick I guess. I tend to gravitate towards the Die Kreuzen vs. Flipper stylings of the older lineups, but the Lubricated Goat vs. Rusted Shut stylings of the later band don't disappoint (unless you hoping for something in the singer/songwriter vein, then yeah, you'll be disappointed.
Negativity rules.



madamadam said...

in a similar vein any Strangulated Beatoffs? esp Days of our Lives?....Drunks Theme also a great tune, thanks.

Anonymous said...

i love this band!

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