Saturday, June 18, 2011

Brass Castle - Get On Fire

Label: Drazzig
Year: 2003

More terror from one of the louder twosomes currently, or formerly, in operation. Keep your fingers crossed that Brass Castle will one day get it back together to make another record like this one, another soundtrack for your next paint-huffing get together.
Classic rock + noise rock = super good happy fun times!
Listen to this and go do something stupid, I promise it will create a fond memory, if not a permanent scar. Your body needs at least one more monument to your own ridiculousness, right? Brass Castle celebrate the ridiculous! Brass Castle turns all amplification to 10, and proceeds to bash out a series of ridiculously awesome destructo-rock party anthems. Brass Castle will take your hand and guide you through your next folly. Follow them with confidence!


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