Monday, November 16, 2009

V/A - Something's Gone Wrong Again

Label: C/Z
Year: 1992

If you are/were/plan to be a fan of The Buzzcocks, maybe you'll want to hear some bands cover their songs. Maybe, right? Generally speaking, these "tribute" albums kinda stink, and this one isn't gonna change your life or anything, but if you like the Buzzcock's style, you'll probably make it through this unscathed. If you don't care for the Buzzcocks, then you can probably skip it, as the renditions are pretty faithful. 
The bands on here are:
Doughboys - weren't they kinda a hardcore band at one point?
The Fluid - I expected more from a varsity letterman
Coffin Break - who somehow manage to sound more like the Dickies than the Buzzcocks
Didjits - give Gorilla Biscuits a run for their money
Electric Love Hogs - for all you electric Love Hog completists
Deadspot - didn't you want a hardcore version of "Orgasm Addict"?
Lunachicks - yeah I know, they were kinda second rate Psycho Sluts From Hell, but whatever
Big Drill Car - this helps draw the direct correlation from Fat Records to the Buzzcocks
Porn Orchard - funk bass plus white dude rap breakdown = know
The Accused - NastyMix recording artists
Alice Donut - genuinely really good. 
Naked Raygun - they were sorta born to cover Buzzcocks right? they do it well


James Joyce said...

I bought this when it came out just for the Didjits song. I was surprised that they did Sitting Round At Home, which is possibly the slowest Buzzcocks song written, but I thought they did it pretty cool. This was one of the better tribute albums out there. I thought the Minutemen one was good as well - maybe it will get posted here sometime soon.

ipecac said...

i want to call up larry king and ask him "why can't i touch it?"

Anonymous said...

srsly? it's Cycle Sluts from Hell...and they were not an all-girl band anyway.

kittyempire said...

Thanks for this one - always loved the Buzzcocks. So many of these covers/tribute type things suck the fat one, but this one's pretty damn good. Especially the Alice Donut/Naked Raygun/Big Drill Car tracks. Cheers.

Frank Blank said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Frank Blank said...

LARRY! I think that's inappropriate

stogref said...

Could you possibly re-up the file please?

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