Monday, November 16, 2009

Rusted Shut - Hot Sex

Label: Dull Knife
Year: 2009

Take every instrument you got, plug them into something shitty, something with blown out speakers preferably, mic the drums via the next door neighbors house, and lodge the vocal mic halfway down the singers throat. Got all that? Great. Now, turn everything on. Good. Then, turn all available knobs all the way to the right, clockwise. Yeah, keep turning. Just keep turning until they snap off. Great. Perfect. Alright, now something. Play whatever noisy, crazed racket you can conjure...just keep fucking playing!

I'm pretty sure this record is already gone, but you can try the record label direct to track down a copy on vinyl. Here.

This band has been sodomizing your earholes since 1986, but this record was recorded in 1998, and not released until 2009. Quite a work ethic eh? This might be the closest thing to black metal we post on this site. Not sayin' it's black metal, but if you're into the isolationist, newer American might like this. If you like freaked out might like this. If you pack for a vacation using a might be a redneck. Jeff Foxworthy ladies and gentlemen, Jeff Foxworthy.


Roger Camden said...

if this is anything like their last one
(and it probably is)
then I know approximately what I'm getting myself into here


Icky said...

Yeah, they be real good, and I like that cover.
Reminds of a Sonic Youth album - except that these guys DON'T suck.

Gray said...

this was apparantly recorded at the same time as the Rehab record, so it's in the same sonic neighborhood.

as for the cover, i would say it's equal parts Sonic Youth and Despise You, and yeah, you can't really fault either of those two bands in the graphics department.

nick said...

It's kinda hard to find any information about the records the group has released over the years. I have four albums by them:

2004 - Rehab
2008 - Hot Sex
2009 - Dead
2009 - Early years LP

Do you know if they have released any more?

BabyHugZ said...

Could you plz re-up this link?

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