Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Pride Parade - Dose

Label: Self Released
Year: 2009

This is the brand new record from Athens, Georgia band Pride Parade, who, to me at least, are absolutely fantastic. If you downloaded the Atlanta double compilation I posted a few months back, you no doubt will remember them as a highlight of that collection. They have a knack for mixing a few different styles of guitar rock into one big, loud, bombastic racket. You like growling sludge-damage (a la the faster Harvey Milk jams)? Got it. You like snaking Led Zeppelin rave-ups (a la The Tom Collins)? Got those too. You like the distorted thud of noise rock (a la Tar)? Yep, got it.
Basically, it's all the fun stuff that made up your formative years in rock-n-roll distilled into one glorious album. It's like the bar band at the greatest bar of all time (except Cheers...that place seemed pretty untouchable, nobody should be asked to compete against that).
The band is offering this as a free download, but would love to have a little cheddar back from you if you like it. Or, they have a vinyl version for sale via their website. You can help the cause here.

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Mars said...

Pride Parade, Harvey Milk. Hahaha!

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