Thursday, November 12, 2009


Fortunately I was in the right place for this session so we are tape hiss free! Recorded at Maida Vale, Melt Banana are on blistering form and power through a 30 minute set. Quite a few tunes from their "Scratch or Stitch" & "Charlie" LP's and other countless singles & splits. If anyone wants to add a track listing then be my guest!

Melt Banana are currently on tour in the US at the moment so don't pass up the opportunity of seeing them live.

2 versions here, one with Peelie's intro and end comments and just the session itself. Note this is the first session, broadcast 3rd October 2001. Enjoy.

DL: Session Only
DL: Session & comments

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Arthur Rambo said...

This is great to hear. Back in 99-2000, I spent an evening standing outside the Crocodile here in Seattle just to get a chance to hear these guys live, we weren't old enough to get into the show but I got my copy of their split with Killout Trash signed

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