Sunday, November 1, 2009

nervous sex - creep sea

released 2009

this was sent to me by a member of the band that goes by the name of dave (there are 2 daves in the i'm not able to pinpoint which dave sent thanks dave)

this is a trio out of philly that play "noise punk" (dave's words)

as soon as i laid eyes upon the band's name...i was all in...i mean...who hasn't experienced that?...i still do...i're sitting in the break room at work...and the "special" girl receptionist comes into the takes everything you have to approach the table she's sitting at...and then to drop the note in front of her that took you hours to write the night before and then run off to the handicapped stall in the bathroom with the self-confidence of knowing what you just did...and all of the courage...maaaaan...that in itself could lead to some (one sided) nervous sex...and maybe if you're lucky...the note itself to lead to some two sided nervous sex

but i'm getting away from the task at hand

that being the music

in the email he'd sent me...he mentioned that the first 2 songs were a little on the harsh side while songs 3 and 5 were more on the "poppy/easier"side...and then i got all like "oh maaaaan...what am i getting myself into?" as pictures of bands such as (actually...i'm not even gonna sully the good name this blog has by bringing in the visions i had going through my head) soon as i started listening to it all of that went away (even during songs 3 and 5)....and as i continued listening...4 bands popped into my head: devo/lightning bolt/godheadsilo/need new body (whom they share a home turf with)

and that in itself makes quite the combination

i fucking love what this band is doing...they feel the same way about music as i do: finding a rhythm in it through monotony or feedback (sonic youth does that as well) and going with it...there's needs to be more of this type of stuff happening...they self-released the album...they play instruments they made themselves

i could see this as getting picked up by a label such as skin graft (fitting along side of the flying luttenbachers and that ilk)

even the band's "poppy/easier" side kinda comes off sounding like old school godflesh

so ok....maybe more than 4 bands come to mind

and i feel that i can't finish this without mentioning the band's 3 member...he goes by the name of bill (what part does he play in the band?...i'm not really sure...but i'm sure he fits in nicely amongst the daves)

and you should feel free to also go over to their space and drop them a line...become their friends...get in on the ground floor before it all goes down,bro...and tell them that SGM sent you

DL: creep sea

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