Sunday, November 1, 2009

agress - self-titled

released 2009

these folks from cedar falls,ia were part of the united sons of toil show i'd given a write up a few spaces down

they were 1 of 2 bands that blew me away that night (the other being tusot of course)

and in keeping with the "this would've been more appropriate to post over on CGB but i'm doing it here" tradition...

experiencing this band live could be compared to running with the bulls: it's all exciting until you get gored...and this music is what's going through the bull's head as it's tossing you into the air in order to get to the people in front of you

and to use the bull analogy again...that's exactly what vocalist jacob reminded me and the girlfriend of as he stalked the line between band and audience (i knew i was going to be in for a show as he started stripping down to a t-shirt and a pair of basketball shorts before the band went on...and he has a pretty kick ass thundercats belt buckle as well)

the band is as confrontational as hank rollins lead black flag mixed in with unsane and the band 16 (who they remind me a lot of)

so with that all being said...put on these red pajamas and stand in front of the band


DL: agress

and now...go play nice

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