Thursday, November 19, 2009

Kepone - Kepone

Label: Quarterstick
Year: 1997

I posted some Kepone awhile back, and went into this whole thing about how I didn't really like them all that much, and this and that, but ultimately, there were some really good songs on the record (as well as a couple duds). And then, it turned out people were stoked on Kepone, and the fucker got downloaded (I guess technically, it is still being downloaded) a fair amount. Who would've guessed.
So, here's the other album that I had. It's their last release, and there was one other one in between "Ugly Dance" and this, but I never owned it, and still don't, so I can't tell you if it's any good or not. But this one, much like "Ugly Dance", is a mixed bag. You got a few really cool tracks ("Pointless" being an example), and a few that miss the mark a bit. Or an otherwise good jam, with a weak chorus or something. You know what I mean.
It's worth it for the strong material...maybe you can start cobbling a "Best Of" compilation from the two records now posted here. That would be a hot album.


James Joyce said...

There was another album that had a black cover with orange-ish writing that said Kepone, and what people told me was that that was the good one. Probably like the others. Patchy.

Mr. Amsterdamned said...

That would be 'Skin', their sophomore effort. the other two. Not bad by any means, but it's one of those albums I listen to while reading, mostly. That says it all.

Still, if someone is interested I should be able to put it on the forum within 48 hours (I am MasterWolf there)

Slanderbob said...

I grew up around Mike Bishop from Kepone (who was called Beefcake..way before he joined GWAR).. Kepone was always a good live show, and yet I agree with all that has been said, their albums were half & half, but the songs that rocked were really great.

So yes please post that other record, for I have never heard that one.

Last I heard Mike & Tim had a band called "American Grizzly" but I was never able to track any recordings down. - Slanderbob

scarfish69 said...

It's been a while since I've heard any Kepone. So I can't comment on their sound. He did some great bass work on Scumdogs. It's kind of strange that Beefcake The Mighty is now teaching at UVA, or was, no idea how current that information is.

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