Friday, November 20, 2009


Released 1992

Apologies if I've devalued this record by posting this (only 500 made) but I don't see much point keeping a 17 year old obscure record under wraps. That said CG fans, at least 1/2 the songs on this 4 track 7" you will have heard before in some shape or form, but at least you will know what was on this single.

Recently Gray posted a live album by the band called "Rock'n'Roll". Confusingly there is an album by the same name (on the same label!) that seems to be a completely different album. Though without trawling 2nd hand shops in Japan then it seems unlikely I'll be getting my hands on that anytime soon (King Records Japan, 8 track CD, KICS-647). There is another live album by CG called Rokuonki '91-'92 which is the same as the live album posted except that it does not have the 2 cover tracks and instead contains the track "J" from the TVVA compilation.


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