Tuesday, November 24, 2009

the jesus lizard - 11.16.09 - irving plaza - new york,ny

i couldn't mention the jesus lizard (as seen in the post below if you feel the need to look) and not actually post them

well...i could've...but why?

the lizard tour is grinding to a halt...they're playing 2 dates at the metro in chicago at the end of the month (the 27th-28th...both dates sold out...surprise surprise)...and just when i'd thought that i'd come to grips with the fact that i'll more than likely never get to see them live...they go ahead and add another date for another show at the metro to rub salt into the wound (they're playing a new year's eve show...i'd go ahead and get my tickets now if i were you so you'll be able to see the balls drop with mr. yow and the boys)

and from what i've been reading...there will more than likely not be another tour later down the line...but i've said it before...the jesus lizard are about the only band from the heyday of decent music (aka "the late 80's/early-mid 90's") that wouldn't be beating a dead horse (that's right...i'm looking at you pixies and helmet) by releasing another album and touring

opening this show for them was the band skeleton key

"this is the most fun i've had all day...except earlier when i was sleeping"
-david yow

1 - crowd noise
2 - puss
3 - gladiator
4 - seasick
5 - killer mchann
6 - glamorous
7 - mouth breather
8 - destroy before reading
9 - nub
10 - my own urine
11 - dancing naked ladies
12 - monkey trick
13 - boilermaker
14 - blue shot
15 - chrome
16 - 7 vs 8
17 - crowd noise
first encore
18 - then comes dudley
19 - bloody mary
20 - thumbscrews
21 - blockbuster
22 - wheelchair epidemic
23 - crowd noise
second encore
24 - thumper
25 - if you had lips
26 - fly on the wall

DL: pt.1
DL: pt.2


Employee said...

saw them in Philly Wednesday. Perhaps the BEST mixed / sounding show I have ever witness. only down side was the overpriced merch. $25 for a t-shirt? needless to say I bought the reissue mickey missile t.

Employee said...

BTW: the Pixies at least have the original line-up grinding up that horse carcass. Page on the other hand is just out of line. Putting out UTTERLY unlistenable albums with guys who are not Helmet even if Page has deputized them so.

1009 said...

Wow. Haven't listened to the whole gig yet, but the sound is pretty swell. Not a soundboard recording clearly, but someone knew what (s)he was doing. I'll consider this a birthday present because it was recorded on my 31st.

JB said...

This show was so good.

If you thought $25 was too much for a tee, you probably didn't appreciate the cans of Bud that went for $12 a pop, either.

Irving Plaza is a total crap hole. Places like this exist for/because of the corporate record industry. It would've been awesome to see tJL in a rougher, smaller, more indie venue, but, as Yow said himself that night, "That'll do, pig, that'll do."

Thanks for posting this. Now I can share it with my bassist, and he can finally get to hear the 2nd encore, which he missed because he thought the show was over after the first one.

(ALWAYS wait till the house lights come on. THEN go.)

_ said...

i was at this show with a number of friends and we loved it. thanks for posting this. fucking incredible.

Employee said...

I did and still do think $25 is to much for a fucking t-shirt. Though if your raging alcoholism is that much out of control you'll waste $12 bucks on Coors Lite or some other yellow water, be my guest. It's called a flask, FYI.

peskypesky said...

oh fuck my life. i missed the Lizard because i went down to Texas to visit my family last week.


JB said...

Employee, you've got me 100% wrong.

I wasn't disagreeing with you, I was pointing out ANOTHER overpriced feature of this show. I didn't buy a tee or a beer. My buddy bought a beer. And he only paid the $12 for it because the bartender opened the can before even stating the price.

But yes, a flask. That would've saved the day.

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