Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Shameless Self Promotion - Volume 5

Here we go again, more rumblings from the Sonn Av Krusher camp, this time a live action to decimate the population of quaint local college town, Athens, Georgia.
And as two if the three members spent some of their higher education years toiling away in said town, we look forward to the opportunity to roll through, eat at the Grit, pound cheap beers, and play at as loud a volume as allowed alongside some great bands.
This time around we are sharing the bill with two bands we've not had the chance to play with before, from Athens, Music Hates You, and from Atlanta, Noble Rust. In addition, Athen's own Subrig Destroyer will round things out. Trust me, it will be loud and heavy and all that shit. 
We are either playing first or second, I don't really know, but the important thing is, this will be our second to last show...possibly ever (for ever ever, and ever ever?). The Krusher has decided to go into hibernation for the time being, so we are playing this show in Athens, then another one in Atlanta in April (most likely) as a "last show" type of event. In the meantime we're hoping to record a grip of new songs that we really like, and figure out what we're all doing with our lives. You know, normal big boy shit.
So, if you can get to Athens, Georgia this Friday night, head over to the Caledonia Lounge for an ass whooping not soon to be forgot.


cdb said...

You've disappointed me, Gray.

Gray said...

Join the club.

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