Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Cop Shoot Cop - Live CBGB 1989

Label: Supernatural Organization
Year: 1989

More Cop Shoot Cop, and more live music, her you go. Originally this was released in Japan as a limited run of 300 cassette copies. So, unless your Japanese, a technophobe, and extremely lucky, you probably haven't had a chance to hear this. And friends, that's a shame, because for a band as raucous and noisy as Cop Shoot Cop, this recording came out phenomenally well. I mean, I doubt it sounded this good inside CBGB on the night in question, this is an A- quality recording. Plus you're getting (in my opinion anyway) the best era of the band, the oldest stuff. This was recorded just before Consumer Revolt came out, and there's even a song on here called "Dachau Hilton" which you can't get anywhere else, and later morphed into a couple different Cop Shoot Cop songs. That's a bonus right?
And we're good on "what they sound like" right? Straight? Awesome. Now go do something productive today, I sure as shit ain't gonna.



Icky said...

I, who seem to have everything by these guys, did not have this.
I thank you very much!

Employee said...


Anonymous said...

Awesome thanks!

Obscure Reference said...

Thanks a lot! Always good to hear more from c$c!

erikg206 said...

this was a truly great band, no doubt, thank you for the post!

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