Wednesday, August 24, 2022

Horsey - Underbelly / Energy

 Label: Smelly
Year: 1993

What are your thoughts on songs that sound like a slow motion car crash rolling down the side of a mountain? The percussive thuds of the vehicle descending out of control. The grating clamor of the metal being ripped from the frame. The inhuman yowl of the passengers unable to accept their fate. Cause that's what side A of this two song 7" reminds me of. The flip side has a sort of skittish groove of an unbalanced Faith No More song. Uneasy but ultimately settling into its pace as it searches for survivors. 
This San Francisco band had a quick 3-4 year run, but it was a good one. They made a lot of noise in a lot of ways, and for that, we applaud them. Or, at least I do. I suppose I shouldn't speak on your behalf. Sorry.

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