Saturday, April 2, 2022

Blownapart Bastards - We Are All Cobra Clutched By The State - Live on WFMU - 01.08.93


Label: Positive Farce (self released)
Year: 1993

When talking about the best crusty hardcore to ever emerge from the great state of North Carolina, then obviously you're talking about Corrosion Of Conformity. Obviously. And you're also going to be talking about Bloodmobile, and Stillborn Christians, and No Labels, and Subculture, and the other fantastic 1980's bands that haunted the Brewery and the Milestone and Friday's and whatever backyard party or VFW hall might have been available. 
But, if you hadn't gotten old and calcified by the turn of the decade, and you had still been keeping score, you would be talking about Blownapart Bastards and their ripping version of plants-over-people, anti-corporation, pro-fun hardcore. Cause they delivered the goods. Plus, you had Brian Tipa, ex-Naked Angel in the fold, and anything Tipa does is going to be gold. Pure gold.

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Anonymous said...

my search for info on the naked angels has leads me to some gray-related lore. fascinating.

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