Monday, October 4, 2021

Thirty Ought Six - Eris

Label: C/Z
Year: 1994

Two songs, two pretty perfect examples of that sound when basement emo graduated into the college town bar. Assuming you feel that's matriculation. Maybe you don't, and maybe you would have a good point. 
My point though, is that Thirty Ought Six has some of those mid-90's emo vestiges, the flailing dynamism, the punk energy, and the emotional earnestness that made seeing Braid in a basement so much fun. But, they had a vocal and musical maturity that rounded off some of the jagged edges that kept those bands in the basement and out of the public domain. Not that those bands really cared, and not that Thirty Ought Six is a household name, but they were swinging for the fences a little harder than some of their peers. 

Try it out, and maybe that ramble above will add up to something approximating a cognizant thought. You tell me. I really liked this band a lot thought, I thought they were getting into that Boilermaker and Castor territory of emo perfection. Bands who played their fair share of basements, by the by.


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