Monday, August 2, 2021

Griever - How's My Crying?


Label: self released
Year: 2020

In an announcement that will surprise exactly nobody, here is an Atlanta band (the town within which I reside) that I had never heard of until very recently, and who upon finding them, I can now say I know nothing about them. Who they are, what they've done, what size pant they wear. Nothing.
That isn't "strange", because my hermit-centric lifestyle tends to keep me busy with my head up my ass doing things that do not require, or even favor, the camaraderie of others, save my immediate family (who wishes I would get out more). So, a band flying under my radar at this point in my life is pretty much par for the course. But, a band as good as Griever flying under the radar is odd. They should be spoken highly of in those nerdy music conversations you and your friends have when you should maybe try talking about your feelings every now and again. Wouldn't hurt to show some vulnerability you know.
And it would certainly do you well to peep this Griever ep, so you can have something relatively new to talk about the next time you and your friends get around to ignore the underlying feelings you all have boiling over inside. You can talk about how good this record is instead.

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