Tuesday, July 6, 2021

HELL NO - Superstar Chop

Label: Wardance / X-Mist
Year: 1994

Operating in that transitional time of New York City Hardcore, in and around the also transitional ABC No Rio scene, Hell No were as much noise rock as they were hardcore. Not unlike their contemporaries in Die 116, Mind Over Matter, 1.6 Band, Stillsuit, they took a more grooving, off-kilter, and discordant approach to the more straight ahead (pun intended) matinee sounds they were weaned on. It's plenty loud and aggressive and all that, don't sweat it. But also don't get nervous if the term "NYHC" makes you nervous. You'll like it either way.
On this record you get:
Janis from Citizen's Arrest, The Manacled, Animal Crackers, The Kill Van Kull
Rich from All For One
James Paradise from JJ Paradise Players Club, Freshkills, Go!, The Kill Van Kull, Pigs
Joe from Citizen's Arrest
John from...well...Hell No.


Anonymous said...

aww dang i always loved hell no and always forget about them. love, phil.

IHateThe90s said...

Thank you. Love Hell No and didn't have this.

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