Sunday, June 20, 2021

Galanas Cerdd / Soli Deo Gloria - Split 7"


Label: Moodswing
Year: 1997

If you spent any time in the underground music scene of Atlanta, Georgia in the early half of the 1990's, and were told "there's a new band with Kip, Bruce, Rick, and Mark" you would immediately know what you're in for. Those dudes had made a pretty unassailable collective resume of mathy, knotted, noise rock with their bands Fiddlehead (the original Fiddlehead), Freemasonry, Rebar, and Barrel up until that point. Honestly, some of the best music of the era. From anywhere. No shit. Galans Cerdd continued that trajectory with more Drive Like Jehu-esque propulsive interplay, and on this split 7" you get one song's worth. And it's a really good one song. Promise.
Soli Deo Gloria were also from Atlanta, and also forged a posthardcore path that could have easily found them on an Ebullition compilation alongside Amber Inn, Policy Of 3, Sinker, and the like. Instrumental, but with enough "oomph" to keep you engaged. They are also on a compilation we posted awhile back, but otherwise I don't believe they released anything else.

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