Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Melts - 667 b/w Crusser


Label: 227
Year: 1993

Guess we will chalk up the last month as a hiatus? Did all 12 of you who frequent this blog notice? Anyone concerned at all? There's no need to be in case you were...everything is fine, just been busy.
Not too busy though to return (triumphantly I might add) with the two song ass-kicking that is the Melts "227 b/w Crusser" 7". I can make time for that!
This Atlanta band came from the crusty, unsavory Cabbagetown neighborhood of the early 1990's (currently Cabbagetown has far less white trash, drugs, and crime, but far more homes pushing the $800,000 price point) to deliver a very Melvins-esque version of sludge damage that was not afraid to challenge audiences and push inside jokes, or otherwise make you feel uncomfortable. In a nice way. Of course.
The mysterious 'Salicountinsaw' album was one of the first things I ever posted here on this blog, and maybe one day I'll post it again, as it's a long lost classic of the genre, but I had not ever posted this two song 7". Until now. So, live in the now.


Anonymous said...

yes I noticed. thanks for continued posting.

(no I am not nacho)

Teri Lyn said...

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MrBarker said...

Hey, thanks for this. I saw these guys at a poorly attended (probably weeknight) show in Richmond in maybe 91-92 if that's possible. Great show, nice fellows, gave or sold me a hand-lettered cassette that I lost twenty years ago and have no idea what was on it. I thought I'd found some on the web but a hard drive search turns up nothing. Any chance you'll repost Salicountinsaw any time soon?

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