Friday, March 5, 2021

Done - Done I, Done 'Em All


Label: self released
Year: 2012

Don't let the Bandcamp bio fool you, this band from "Campulung, Romania" is actually the duo of Andy Patterson (State Of The Nation, Search [the original one, not the Rev Records one], Subrosa, Insect Ark, and Sweet Jesus) and Cache Tolman (Iceburn, Rival Schools, Institute, Search [with Andy Patterson], and others), who are from Utah, United States.
If you were hip to Cache's foray into stoner-buzz riff slinging as Skullfuzz, then you'll be good. Done are an extension of that band's bad boogie molten lava rock. Goatsnake comes to mind as an apt comparison if Skullfuzz never made it onto your radar. 
The band has three albums worth of this stuff, all of them equally as good, and all of them only existing as Bandcamp treasures. Would be nice for an altruistic record label (looking at you, Southern Lord) to come along and properly release these. They deserve a wider audience.

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Anonymous said...

thanks for the tip. purchased 2 most recent albums.

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