Saturday, January 16, 2021

Geezer Lake - James Dean


Label: Thick
Year: 1995

The pride of UNCG, Geezer Lake were an art-damage noise rock crew that pulled from Butthole Surfers, John Zorn, Scratch Acid, classic rock (as evidenced by the riff reappropriation heard on this very record), post punk, and most everything in between. In a NC music scene that either went the direction of Chapel Hill styled indie rock, or straight up punk/hardcore blister, Geezer Lake stood out among their contemporaries playing something against the grain, but still highly listenable and dare I say, catchy. 
This 7" was the last thing they released after a brief 4 year run, and maybe their most polished.
Hail Hail The Old North State!


Gooboy Quisp said...

Hey Gray I know I've requested this before but since you seem to have tons of North Carolina bands from the 90's is there any chance you can post the Picasso Trigger "Valentine/Calling God" 45 if you have it. The only thing I'm missing by them. Plus "Calling God" is huge. Thanks brother!

Gray said...

I don't think I have that Picasso Trigger record, but let me check and see. If I can dig it up, I will absolutely get it posted ASAP. You know I want to make good on a NC request!

chris said...

Gray, do you have any Dart360? It's Resol Charlie's second band. A lot less Jawbreakery in sound a lot more Post-Punky.

Nacho said...

i am spanish and i have this 7" vinyl record at home

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